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InfiniTrak's Industry Leading Compliance Solutions:

  • InfiniTrak serves network of over 20,000 pharmacies throughout U.S
  • Quickly Identifies drug counterfeiting and diversion
  • Focused on pro-active compliance throughout the drug supply chain
  • Real time data analytics and reporting with customized alerts 
  • A user friendly mobile application with dashboard to securely track supply chain data  
  • Innovative tools that focus on comprehensive compliance, patient safety and productivity

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Focused on DSCSA Compliance for Retail Pharmacy Chains and Healthcare Systems

Advanced Technology

InfiniTrak has become the industry leader in adding value to compliance. Our Product Recall, Expiry Management, Controlled Substance Tracking and Mobile Scanning have placed us in the forefront in the industry. 


InfiniTrak’s Suspicious Product WizardTM built the company’s reputation of being the ultimate flexible user-friendly compliance platform. Our flexibility allows us to always be improving on our solutions and adding value our customers.  


InfiniTrak’s compliance solutions utilize a multitude of security metrics to ensure the highest standards of security and confidentiality.

Value Added Integration

InfiniTrak’s Robust API and experienced I.T team allow easy integration with your current system, adding efficiency, avoiding human error and simplifying your workflow process.  

InfiniTrak means peace of mind for you and your business.

What others are saying about us

InfiniTrak does what individual wholesaler portals don’t. The beauty of InfiniTrak is that if a pharamacy does face an audit the system allows a user to quickly pull up all drug transaction information without having to log into multiple wholesaler’s systems. Having everything flow into one system is a huge time saver for a busy pharmacy.

– Deborah MacLean, Pharm. D Director of Pharmacy, Eldercare Pharmacy, Acworth, GA

AcariaHealth values compliance. We chose InfiniTrak because the software is user friendly and enables our company to streamline DSCSA compliance across our nationwide network of pharmacies. They provide a true partnership and their software has exceeded our expectations.

– Mark Shinkle, Vice President, Supply Chain, AcariaHealth

I can't thank you enough for the ease of your site. Thank you Thank you Thank You! After years of struggle, InfiniTrak's customer service is live and quick response time is what I have been wishing to have saving me time every day!

– KS - Pharmacist, Weber City, VA

After nearly a 3 year review, we selected InfiniTrak as the best solution for our member's needs. They have the best comprehensive DSCSA solution at a reasonable price. We could not be happier with our relationship.

– Vice President of Procurement - Leading GPO

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InfiniTrak LLC Becomes a GS1 US Solution Partner


Toledo, OH, (August 24, 2020) – InfiniTrak LLC has become a member of the GS1 US Solution Partner Program, a designation signifying a commitment to delivering services and solutions that enable quick, efficient and accurate GS1 Standards implementation....

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InfiniTrak Launches the Next Series of ROI Functionality Beyond DSCSA


December 18, 2019 - InfiniTrak has gone live on their next series of ROI functionality specifically designed to enhance profitability for retail pharamcies and healthcare organizations. This added functionality, that goes beyond InfiniTrak's intuitive DSCSA compliance solution, was initiated...

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InfiniTrak Regulatory Update


May 19, 2019 - Over the past several years, InfiniTrak has been asked to be a part of the regulatory and compliance discussion with a variety of government and state agencies. InfiniTrak continues to be in the fore front of all aspects of...

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InfiniTrak Collaborates with HHS on Controlled Substances


May 11, 2019 - Last month, executives from InfiniTrak met with top level directors of the Health & Human Services in Washington D.C. about utilizing our Controlled Substance Tracking System. This meeting led to working with HIDTA agencies that could benefit from our real time...

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InfiniTrak Customized Solutions for Law Enforcement


Jan 15, 2019 - InfiniTrak Customizes Tool for Law Enforcement – Over the past several years, InfiniTrak has been asked to be a part of the regulatory and compliance discussion with a variety of regulators. InfiniTrak continues to be in the forefront of...

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InfiniTrak Announces Industry's Leading Comprehensive Controlled Substance Tracking System (CSTS)


November 21,2018 - InfiniTrak broadening its technological leadership in the track and trace market has announced the completion to provide an elaborate monitorin...

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InfiniTrak Expands With Offices in Ohio


May 23, 2018 ― InfiniTrak establishes offices in Ohio to support the continued superior customer service in both our DSCSA and Controlled Substance Tracking Systems (CSTS) to assist...

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Associated Wholesale Grocers (AWG) Signs Selling Agreement with InfiniTrak


Jan 4, 2018 - Associate Wholesale Grocers will utilize InfiniTrak to meet their members DSCSA compliance needs. AWG is the largest retailer owned grocery cooperative...

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Topco Selects InfiniTrak as its Preferred Vendor


July 27, 2017 - InfiniTrak finalizes agreement with Topco after nearly a 3-year vetting process. Topco Associates Inc has selected InfiniTrak to be the preferred provider for DSCSA compliance for Topco member. Topco Associates LLC is the largest American retail food GPO with...

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InfiniTrak Announces a New DSCSA Compliance Solution for Pharmacies


Dec 1, 2015 ― As enforcement of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) approaches, InfiniTrak announced today new...

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