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Our Solution

Gain compliance all in one place with our secure cloud compliance software that delivers required FDA product tracing information electronically while creating and transmitting FDA and other government reports as required.

Your Leverage

Be be an industry leader and leverage the latest technology to comply with government regulation while opening new opportunities that add business value. Be a part of a solution that supports safer dispensing.

The Impact

Save time and money complying with the DSCSA, governmental reporting, and other track and trace regulations while gaining protection from revenue loss as a result of counterfeit, theft, and vulnerabilities in your supply chain.

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Track & Trace Technology with infinite reach, helping pharmacists improve patient care

InfiniTrak is the most cost-effective DSCSA compliance software to meet the track and trace requirements. InfiniTrak puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to control your information, ensuring you are compliant, and freeing you up to spend time on your customers.

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Endorsing Partners

InfiniTrak_Endorcements.jpgTo ensure your business is fully compliant with the FDA’s new U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) regulations, InfiniTrak has partnered with state associations, related buying groups, and other affiliated organizations that know your compliance needs are a priority.