About Us

About Our Leadership in Supply Chain Management SoftwareInfiniTrak’s Executive leadership team brings expertise in biotechnology supply chain management, Information Technology, and regulatory compliance. We’ve followed the developments of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). We participated in FDA workshops as the law began its roll-out, and are well-versed in its nuances and complexities.

We created InfiniTrak from a strong desire to bring a solution to market that supports small businesses, caters to pharmacists needs, and ultimately helps protect the pharmaceutical supply chain from counterfeiting and theft. Because dispensaries are the last line of defense in the publics’ exposure to drugs, InfiniTrak targets its work to secure the supply chain at the dispensary level. Our expertise in both technology and the supply chain market allowed us to create a Track and Trace software product that provides greater control and compliance protection and allows users to manage data and generate DSCSA-required reports.