The InfiniTrak team comes from an impressive range of backgrounds and education. Our diversity of disciplines and career paths ensures that our approach considers all angles. We know that DSCSA is, to say the least, a complex law and brings significant change to the way most pharmacies will track and trace their products. As the industry adopts the critical steps to build an electronic, interoperable system to identify and trace certain prescription drugs as they are distributed in the United States, tools must be focused on efficiency.

Image of Mark Tate

Mark Tate


I work to raise awareness about industry issues and navigate government processes, so entrepreneurs and enterprises can instead focus on growing business and revenue.

I want to help new businesses successfully launch the next big idea, and that takes funding. I assess working capital needs and get entrepreneurs what they need to fund their business. I’ve raised more than $400,000,000 for companies in the electronics, energy and medical industries.

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Matt Luhrs

Chief Technology Officer

Partner and Chief Technology Officer at InfiniTrak. My team and I create software that promotes innovation and improves the well being of the American Consumer, small businesses and independent businesses that make up the U.S. economy. 

Our flagship product InfiniTrak is being offered to independent pharmacists and hospital dispensaries that need a cost-effective solution to bolster their drug supply security, while complying with the stringent protocols set by the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).